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From the Mind of an ASB Director

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ASB LA’s Justin Grizzoffi welcomes us to take a stroll through his dreams in his latest free-form creative animation. Justin wrote and directed this short ASB-inspired story that takes us through a fantastical world of animatic and illustrated possibilities as we go from one surreal situation to the next. 

We truly value the creativity and experience of the talented directors at ASB and they are always happy to be a collaborator with our clients to explore new ideas and push the limits of creative expression. Enjoy this glimpse inside the mind of one of our most creative directors, and we look forward to making your dreams come to life one day soon!

You can see more work from Justin here:

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Animatics: Blueprints for Broadcast Success

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Shrinking budgets, faster timelines, and the need for cross-channel content is making the job of agency producers, creative directors, and brand managers more and more difficult. Which is why it’s even more important to get the most out of your advertising dollars. And like any major undertaking, having a planned blueprint for execution is crucial for the success of the finished product.

But an advertisement isn’t a house, or skyscraper, or rollercoaster – so what’s the best way to predict and plan for the outcome of a commercial before the budget is spent and the video recorded? Here are a few things to think about when putting together a “blueprint” for your commercial production. 

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Boardomatics: 2 Successful Examples Dissected

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Boardomatics: 2 Successful Examples DissectedA successful boardomatic (or animatic, for that matter) is one the agency creatives feel properly conveys their idea. With that in mind, the most successful examples of boardomatics in testing are typically ones with simpler camera movements or concepts. Here are two examples of boardomatics and an explanation of what made each successful. Additionally, our roster of storyboard artists at ASB Art can give you a sense of different illustration styles to select from.  Read More

An Ideal 3D Cinematic Production Schedule

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First Round Of AnimationHave you ever built or remodeled a home? Whether you planned for a small renovation or a complete rebuild, the process you followed in creating a timeline and following blueprints likely helped you avoid setbacks that cost you time and money.

The same is true when creating a 3D cinematic. In order to create a 3D cinematic efficiently and on budget, you need a blueprint. In this article, we’ll introduce several things you need to know in order to plan—and execute—an ideal 3D cinematic production schedule.
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17 Tips From Seasoned Agency Broadcast Producers

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17-Tips-From-Seasoned-Agency-Broadcast-ProducersWhether you’re a seasoned agency producer with hundreds (or thousands) of shoots to your name or you’re a rookie looking to to improve your craft and searching for tips and tricks, sound advice is invaluable.

We reached out to experienced commercial producers from across the country to get their number one tip for success, and we ended up with several great responses about everything from planning, to execution, to leadership, to the paramount importance of creative. Here’s what they had to say (listed in alphabetical order by last name).
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4 Of The Most Common Test Production Formats For Big Brands

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Car driving fast in tunnelIf you’re considering using an animatic to test your commercial ideas, you may be wondering what exactly you need to know about the process before you jump in and get started. If you’re already thinking about this, you’re on the right track. With cinematics and boardomatics, you’ll be able to rehearse concepts, see how creative ideas play out in real time, and gauge responses from other viewers via focus groups. In this article, we’ll give you a basic overview of four key test production formats you should get acquainted with: animatics, boardomatics, storyboards, and HD live tests. Read More

Producing An Animatic: An Overview For Agencies & Brands

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You’ve got a great concept for a commercial—or so you think. But before you shell out thousands—or even millions—of dollars on your full-up production, you need to guarantee your idea is going to resonate with the people who matter most: your audience.

That’s where animatics come in.

Animatics allow agencies and brands to test their ideas with focus groups before putting them into production. With testing, you’ll learn whether or not you should proceed with the idea, and you can also test and implement changes that make the message more effective. Here’s what you need to know about how to make an animatic. Read More