4 Of The Most Common Test Production Formats For Big Brands

Testing acantor | November 22, 2017
If you’re considering using an animatic to test your commercial ideas, you may be wondering what exactly you need to know about the process before you jump in and get started. If you’re already thinking about this, you’re on the right track. With cinematics and boardomatics, you’ll be able to rehearse concepts, see how creative ideas play out in real time, and gauge responses from other viewers via focus groups. In this article, we’ll give you a basic overview of four key test production formats you should get acquainted with: animatics, boardomatics, storyboards, and HD live tests.

1. Animatics

Animatics are a more finished format of testing—they are a fully realized, fully animated blueprint of what your commercial will look like. These animation styles can include 2D animatics, 3D cinematics, and 3D illustrated cinematics.
  • Animatics are one of the most popular formats for testing commercial ideas.
  • They are the most flexible set of tools for rehearsing a creative concept.
  • A 3D cinematic is true to realistic proportions and camera placement, whereas a 2D animatic can have a looser finish, which leaves more room for interpretation.

2. Boardomatics

Boardomatics are created using 2D or 3D artwork and dissolves and cuts instead of animation to show movement. A boardomatic is created by taking illustrated artwork, stock or custom photos, or 3D artwork and composing it into a storyline edit to tell a simplified message or story.
  • Boardomatics are the most cost-effective video-based test production format.
  • They offer the quickest turnaround time for any video-based test production format.

3. Storyboards

Storyboards are still frames of artwork that demonstrate an idea. They are the most basic format for testing a visual idea.
  • In focus groups, they may be accompanied by a group leader talking through the idea to aid in the group’s understanding of the idea.
  • They are the most cost-effective still image-based test production format.
  • They offer the quickest turnaround time for any still image-based test production format.

4. HD Live

HD live is a premium form of testing in which live actors are cast and shot on green screen. With HD live, custom backgrounds are created by computer graphics (CG). It is the most finished format of testing.
  • In HD live tests, footage of live actors is composited into CG environments.
  • The final product of this format is comparable to a true broadcast commercial—HD live is as close to the real production as you can get.
Each of these test production formats has its own set of advantages, considerations, best practices, and use cases—before you choose any specific format, you need to make sure it’s best suited for the idea you have and the results you want. To learn more about each of these test production formats, contact us today!