360 video

We produce stunning 360 content for any online, mobile or VR gear platform. Whether you’re looking for CG or live-action, we create immersive content in a unique, engaging and cost-effective way, handling every stage of the shoot production from casting, through to location scouting, crew and equipment set-up.

Interactive 360 experience

For 360 games or tutorials, we can enhance the simulation with real-time user interactivity. Our interactive 360 experiences are perfect for market research, fly-through videos, online shopper technology and any new product launch.

Interactive VR experience

We create fully immersive, multi-user VR experiences leveraging the most innovative equipment in the industry. The creative opportunities here are limitless! We’ll work with you to specifically customize and design your VR experience, giving you complete control over how the user experience unfolds.

Real-time Interactive experience

From improvisational storytelling to interacting in real-time with virtual characters, our team can transform any environment or store into a unique pop-up interactive experience. Our creative team can help concept proposals for any advertising, market research, tutorial or training purposes.

Binaural audio

Our 360 audio services complete the VR experience, enhancing the user’s sensations with sound, which follow the action and the user throughout the experience.

VR Event production and creative consulting

Our creative directors are here to collaborate with you on VR experiences for your next marketing event. We can help you in the creative development stage as well as with the design and production of your VR booth and experience - we also provide you with a mock-up of your booth in 3D, so you can really get a feel for how it will look on the day!