Which Cinematic Style works best for you?

The Benefits That Accompany Our 3D Approaches Include:


  • Our schedules are structured to maximize opportunities for review & feedback within the allotted lead time, a collaborative process so we can continue to improve and refine picture, so you can feel great about what you’re taking into testing.


  • Our 3D Cinematic style offerings allow you to achieve visual consistency across all spots in your campaign for true apples-to-apples testing, within our 2 week production timeline compared to a more time-consuming 2D hand drawn & animated approach.


  • Our industry leading mocap technology brings your 3D Animatic to life with fluid animation, lifelike character movement, & dynamic film-like camera turns all created to spec to bring your vision to life and can easily revised to your liking throughout production.


  • Our best-in-class 3D Cinematics are comparable in price to 2D Animatics, if not more competitive. In 3D we are able to leverage our global workforce of in-house designers, directors, and animators, who specialize in this particular type of deliverable.


We worked with independent advertising agency, Barrett Hofherr, to create this campaign for eBay Refurbished titled “Rain or Shine”.

The ads ran online on YouTube, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, and Instagram. It was designed to educate consumers about the choices and assurances offered by the program. Therefore, allowing their customers to shop with confidence and find a variety of items to fit their specific needs and budget.