A pre-production tool used to map out the visual storytelling flow of a tv commercial, film, or video. It serves as a blueprint for the final production. 


Yes, ASB Can handle recording, editing, mixing, sound design, stock music search & license, professional VO casting, & non-union talent payment. Check out our Full-Service Audio page for more details!

Yes! As a Global Company with 13 locations across North America, South America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific - we offer a cultural match for all your animatic needs. We work with various Language Translators, Language Supervisors, and VO Casting specialists to suit any particular language or regional representation.


As we get closer to the kick off call, we recommend gathering scripts, design details, sound specs, and any brand assets. For a comprehensive understanding of what that all entails, check out our Briefing Best Practices Guide. 


Costs can vary on a lot of factors. Get in touch with the ASB office closest to your for a quote.

Costs can vary based on spot length, complexity, and lead time. So typically we would be looking to gather the following information before we provide an estimate:

-How many spots are you looking to produce?

-What are the spot lengths?

-When would we be able to brief?

-Is there a hard ship date or an ideal ship date in mind?

-Would you like us to include any audio services?

-Can you share any work-in-progress scripts?

The cost to build the artwork for a boardomatic or animatic is the same, but the distinct difference is whether or not we include animation hours. Thus, boardomatics will always be lower cost option.


Frame counts can vary depending on your creative vision, but the average frame counts are as follows:


:15 = 6-12 frames

:30 = 12-18 frames

:60 = 25-35 frames


If there are ever set budget or schedule parameters on your project, please don't hesitate to contact us. ASB takes pride in recommending solutions that can work for any challenges you might face in the bidding phase.

Recommended lead time can vary depending on style preference, project scope, and complexity. However, we typically recommend 10-12 business days for any of our 3D approaches, and approximately 15 business days for 2D Traditional Animatics. These timelines allow you to maximize opportunities for review, feedback, and improvements. If you have a more limited schedule, we can always expedite as needed by eliminating rounds of review and/or incorporating weekend work to match your needs.


When working with ASB, 3D offers many benefits over traditional 2D approaches including turnaround time, customizability, and more. Learn more about the differences between 2D vs 3D approaches.

No, you do not need to select an artist or illustrator for our 3D Hybrid or 3D Illustrated deliverables. Much like our 3D Realistic process, you will work with a team of ASB employees consisting of animators, directors, designers, all chosen based on the needs of your creative. As opposed to working in 2D, where we have 1 artist creating all the visual content in your campaign.

We offer 3 house styles for you to choose from:

3D REALISTIC: This style offers more of a 3D CG (computer-generated) realistic look. Realistic tends to be the ideal choice for food or beverage brands that require more taste-appealing content. It also works well for any particle animation needs - think smoke, liquids, etc.

3D ILLUSTRATED: This approach offers all the benefits of working in 3D (i.e. faster turnaround times, stylistically consistent deliverables, fluid movement, etc) but the output still appears to be illustrated or hand-drawn.

3D HYBRID: This last option is the best of both worlds. It is where we use 3D Realistic backgrounds and products and combine them with 3D Illustrated characters.

If you would like to see a side-by-side representation of our 3D styles, we encourage you to view our 3D Comparison site. 


With over 300 people on staff across the world and seamless production pipeline in place, rest assured we can handle as many deliverables as you need. As the largest company of our type, capacity is never a concern.

The limit does not exist. We got you!