Animated Storyboards is the largest full-service independent animatic company in the world, going strong since 2001. Our awesome team is made up of over 300 illustrators, animators, directors, designers, editors, producers, compositors, visual effects and sound engineers, each hand-picked and trained in our unique round-the-clock workflow.

With our 8 studios throughout North America, South America, Europe and Asia, we deliver speedy turnaround and spot-on execution. We use the most advanced cinematic technology in the industry, including an impressive 10,000 sf motion capture studio in Brooklyn, NY, and a render farm with 2,000+ rendering nodes in our use 24/7. With these, together with a vast 3D library of tens of thousands of characters, backgrounds and props accrued over the years, we can reach the sky for our clients.

Our customers include over 300 global advertisers and consumer brands, ranging from the largest international ad agencies, to small local agencies. By employing local teams in every advertising market, we offer a cultural match with the client’s creative team, which enhances brand awareness and provides an affordable and truly global testing product.