Where is ASB in AI integration?

We have successfully bridged the gap between 3D and AI, allowing us to provide you with a controllable, realistic look and feel achieved through AI technology. This enhancement serves as an add-on to our 3D capabilities, delivering a premium, ultra-realistic aesthetic.

Galaxy “Nelly” :30 AI Cinematic

We present Galaxy’s “Nelly” as a premier showcase of our innovative approach to storytelling through AI Cinematics. With meticulous craftsmanship, we bring to life captivating narratives that delve into the journey of discovering elegance within the simple pleasure of a delicious treat.


What is the difference between AI Animatic and AI Cinematic?

  • AI Cinematics are created using our proprietary offline AI tools, developed in-house and trained on years’ worth of our own 3D material. This approach allows for fluid, controllable 360º movement with a realistic feel.

  • AI Animatics are created using 2D technology to animate the movement, which results in a more simplistic output. Due to the nature of 2D, the animations within each AI storyboard frame are restricted to flat, basic movements based on the existing imagery.

What other types of AI deliverables do you offer?

  • AI Storyboards – Storyboard images generated using AI software, typically used to acheive photorealistic images, but could also be delivered in various other illustrated looks.

  • AI Boardomatics – AI Storyboards frames arranged in an editted sequence with audio. Zooms and pans are then incorporated into the edit to give the illusion of movement.

  • AI Adv Boardomatics – An advanced version of our AI Boardomatics, where minor 2D animation/movement is incorporated into a few scenes.

  • AI Animatics – AI Storyboard frames that are fully animated using 2D software to provide simple movements

  • AI Cinematics – AI Storyboard frames that are fully animated using AI software for fluid 360 movement.

How long does production take for an AI Cinematic?

  • The production timeline varies based on project scope and complexity. Typically, we suggest allocating 12-13 business days to ensure ample time for review and enhancements. However, we’re flexible and can expedite the schedule to meet tighter deadlines if needed.

AI Capabilities

As the field continues to progress, ASB stands ready to harness the full potential of AI tools. We stand resolute in our confidence in the capabilities of this new AI paradigm that we have cultivated, steadfast in our mission to produce the highest quality work.






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