As we get closer to kick-off call with both our teams, we recommend gathering as much of the following as possible:


  • Character specs

    • Age & ethnicity

    • Wardrobe & hairstyles

  • Location Specs

    • Location references

    • Setting & time of day


  • Voiceover specs

  • Music specs for our stock music search (if needed)


  • Branding Assets / Logos

  • Brand fonts

  • Hi-resolution product art

  • Packaging art


  • Locked / approved scripts (excluding minor copy changes)

  • Shot list and / or frame descriptions

  • Thumbnail sketches if available

Why it's important

An animatic brief at the start of production is a crucial part of the animatic process. This is when our clients walk us through their creative and outline key information regarding their campaign. We have this animatic brief for a multiple of reasons.

  1. Clarity and Vision – An animatic brief serves as a clear roadmap for us for the production process. It outlines the creative vision, expectations, and goals of each project. Without a well-defined brief, there is a risk of miscommunication and misunderstanding between teams.


  1. Alignment – It helps align all parties, including the Brand/Agency, Directors, Designers, Storyboard Artists, etc on the creative direction. This alignment is crucial for ensuring everyone is on the same page as we work towards a common goal.


  1. Cost Control – A well-prepared animatic brief can help control production costs. By specifying the project’s scope, style, and visual elements in advance, it minimizes the risk of unnecessary expenses due to changes down the line.


  1. Creative Guidelines – Any brand guidelines, design preferences, or creative concepts that must be followed are mentioned. This ensures that the animatic we create aligns with the client’s brand identity.


  1. Client Satisfaction – Ultimately, the animatic brief’s purpose is to make sure our clients are happy with the end results. The brief helps create a clear and detailed idea for what the final animation should look like.