Custom Stylized Animation for Pharmaceutical Brand KRYSTEXXA.

We created over 10 Chapters of Animation for Digital/Online, interactive use on the home page of the brand’s website.

For this approach we create Custom Artwork to suit any particular aesthetic preference. Here we worked with an illustrator from our Roster to help sketch the overall look of the Characters by way of Character Sheets. In the example shown below you’ll some early close-ups with face turns options.

Barbara Face Mock-up

In preparation for our creative kick-off call, we encourage additional visual references (stills & video) whenever possible, so that we can truly help to bring your creative vision to life. Our Design teams hand craft each and every unique Character & Background (similar to Casting & Locations) that suit the specific art direction for your project. They can cater to any specific feature that you can imagine, starting with clothing and hair styles.

Robert Smiling Close-up

For any animated deliverable, our Directors create action references to help to prep Animation (starting on Day 1), and we utilize our Motion Capture Studio to capture lifelike character movements, down to the subtleties of facial animation.

We continue to revise and improve the look of the animation, throughout subsequent rounds of review and feedback between you and your client, to craft the best possible deliverable, so you can feel great about what you’re handing off in advance of your final ship date. Our vast resources and global pipeline allow us to comfortably handle a variety of projects faster and more efficiently than any other company. We are 100% committed to excellence in every production.

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