Among the many aspects that make working with Animated Storyboards (ASB) unique is our advanced Cinematic Technology.

Looking to learn more about what makes working with ASB unique, and how our Animatics are made? Below is an overview of our Cinematic Process:

  • Whenever the need for Storyboards, Boardomatics, Animatics, or more general Animation arises, we welcome you to get in touch to discuss the scope of work and key objectives for your project. From there we can help advise style / aesthetic / level of finish options.

  • Once costs and schedule are approved, we’ll set a time for a creative kick-off call with a team on our end (a designated Producer and a mix of Directors, Designers,  Editors, Animators, and/or Illustrators) all folks who specialize in your particular deliverable.

  • We encourage additional visual references (stills & video) whenever possible, so that we can truly bring your ideas to life.

  • As soon as the brief wraps, we hit the ground running. Typically the first step we’ll take in Production is to generate rough sketches aka Director’s Boards by working with storyboard artists on our roster. These Sketch Edits help to establish the general composition of the frames and edit timing for the deliverables, so you can see how your ideas are beginning to come together at the desired spot length(s).

  •   Our Design teams craft unique Characters & Backgrounds (similar to Casting & Locations) that suit the specific art direction for your project. For any animated deliverable, our Directors create action references to prep Animation starting on Day 1.

  • All of our character animation is captured in our 10,000 square foot state of the art Motion Capture (MoCap) Studio in Brooklyn, New York. Which happens to be one of the largest in all of North America.

  • We have a Render Farm with over 2,000 rendering nodules in use 24/7. Motion Capture (MoCap) data is applied to our character models which is part of how we achieve lifelike character movement, subtle facial animation, and fast turn-around time for all of our 3D and custom animated deliverables.

  • We offer full-service Audio capabilities, including: Edit/Mix, Sound Design (SFX), Music Search/License, VO Casting, Record, non-union Talent Payment, and language versioning. We can handle everything soup-to-nuts under one roof (or can treat ad hoc as preferred), so you don’t have to bop around to multiple vendors.

  • Our schedules are structured to maximize opportunities for review & feedback within the allotted lead time, a collaborative process so we can continue to improve and refine picture for you and your client.

  • Within the unique workflow at Animated Storyboards (ASB) we work directly with your Advertising Agency Team (Producers / Project Managers, Art Directors / ECDs / Creative Directors / Copywriters & Creatives alike) along within Brand and Account side objectives and perimeters, so all parties can feel great about the visuals you are taking into testing.

  • We are 100% dedicated to providing the best possible results for your creative.

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