Our 3D Illustrated approach is an excellent solution anytime you would prefer a more illustrated look when testing concepts,

as you can see in this 3D Illustrated Cinematic we produced for Coca-Cola in France:

Our Design teams craft unique characters & backgrounds that suit the specific art direction for your project.

Benefits include:

All of the art is created 3D, so you’ll get all the benefits and flexibility of 3D production, but you still get that Illustrated look.

You’re not as beholden to a strict frame count, as you are when working in 2D.

We can assure a consistent look for true apples-to-apples testing between concepts.

Our 3D approachers are faster and more efficient for us to produce overall, than relying on the time it takes for an individual illustrator to generate the artwork and/or address revisions by hand. We can address revisions to backgrounds, characters, wardrobes, etc…throughout production, gradually refining the look of the art work.

(No need for re-draws!)

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