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ASB (Animated Storyboards) have been fantastic - especially to turn around eight animatic production projects in a short period of time. I am grateful to have their partnership!

National Advertising Manager at Aflac

Who We Are

With 13 studios across North America, South America, Europe, and Asia, we offer fast turnaround times and precise execution. Our advanced Cinematic Technology includes a massive Motion Capture studio in Brooklyn, NY, and an extensive render farm operating around the clock. Plus, our vast library of 3D characters, backgrounds, and props means there are no limits to what we can create.

We serve over 300 global advertisers and consumer brands, from major international ad agencies to small boutique firms. By having local teams in each market, we ensure cultural alignment and enhanced brand awareness, providing a truly global and affordable testing product to achieve the best creative results.

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Revolutionize Your Advertising Campaigns with ASB’s

Award-Winning Storyboards

Need Art for your Animatic, Storyboard or Pitch? Whether it is hand-drawn sketches or photorealistic frames, we can bring your story to life. Browse our diverse roster of artists each with a distinct way of illustrating your vision.

Local teams in every
advertising market

Lead time is
10-days or less

Quality Animation to bring
your ideas to life


Our Simple 2D Creation Process

1. Get In Touch

Get in touch today to discuss the estimated scope of work and any key objectives for the Agency or Brand, from there we help advise the best execution option for your project. We can handle as many deliverables as you need to put into production.

2. Brief

Once we align on costs & schedule, you get a chance to select your favorite illustrators from our diverse roster of 2D artists. From there, we’ll assign an in-house team of specialists trained in our unique workflow to collaborate and bring your ideas to life as quickly and efficiently as possible.

3. Sketches and/or Illustrations

Next, our illustrators meticulously craft each frame, beginning with rough sketches that evolve into refined black-and-white lines or vibrant full-color illustrations.

4. Animation

Once the artwork is finalized, our Animators begin planning camera movements and start animating the frames using Flash technology

5. Audio

We offer full-service Audio capabilities (including: Edit/Mix, Sound Design (SFX), Music Search/License, VO Casting, Record, non-union Talent Payment + language versioning). We can handle everything soup-to-nuts under one roof, or can treat ad hoc as preferred.

6. Your story is brought to life!

Our schedules are structured to maximize opportunities for review & feedback within the allotted lead time, a collaborative process so we can continue to improve and refine each frame for you and your client, so you can feel great about what you’re taking into testing.

A Few Of Our Brand Partnerships

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