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Stella Artois


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3D Hybrid Cinematic



To kick off a new strategic global campaign, AB InBev enlisted Gut Miami to create a campaign that revitalizes the image of their premium lager, Stella Artois. The message: A perfectly crafted glass of Stella Artois is worth more than seeing your favorite celebrity, even if it is the legendary David Beckham.

With the witty slogan “A Taste Worth More,” Animated Storyboards brought this vision to life. A highlight of the animatic is the realistic portrayal of David Beckham. Creating 3D characters involves meticulously matching the celebrity’s facial features and expressions—capturing their smiles, laughs, and tears, essential elements for compelling visual storytelling.

Another significant achievement of this project is ASB’s expertise in animating the perfect pour of the premium lager with fluid 3D animation. Using 3D is a crucial selling point of the animatic, as it ensures better taste-appeal through the liquid movement, foam and carbonation development, and beer coloring which leaves a lasting impression on the test audience.

Don’t miss this captivating advertisement, launching AB InBev directly into the global spotlight. You can view the broadcast version in the US, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, South Korea, and South Africa. Or check out the campaign’s write ups in renowned publications like CNN, People, Adweek, and AdAge.

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