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3D Hybrid Cinematic



P&O Cruises sought to inject creativity and innovation into their new Holiday Like Never Before campaign, aiming to distinguish themselves within the competitive travel industry. They turned to Pablo London for their imaginative expertise to capture the awe-inspiring moments of the Caribbean cruise line, Arvia.

Animated Storyboards utilized 3D animation technology to craft a test concept for Pablo London, that perfectly encapsulated the “wow” factor, with seamless camera movements providing viewers with a sweeping tour of the cruise’s bustling activities, including breathtaking waterfalls and ocean views. The animatic’s standout feature was its nod to the popular bullet time effect, adding an extra layer of visual appeal.

A pivotal decision in the project was transitioning from a traditional 2D animatic to a dynamic 3D cinematic. Recognizing the limitations of a static approach, both the client and Pablo London team opted for the immersive potential of 3D, ensuring that the audience can get the seamless, one-shot feel. Another major success of the project was ASB’s ability to deliver within a tight timeline while maintaining the integrity of the concept.

Don’t miss out on experiencing this sensational advertisement, shot entirely in the picturesque setting of St. Lucia by the talented director Adam Hashemi of Arts + Sciences production company. Look for “Holiday Like Never Before” on various broadcast and digital platforms. This collaboration exemplifies the artistry of creative storytelling and promises an unforgettable journey.

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