Kinder Riegel

360 Virtual Reality Digital Experience

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Teaming up with Ferrero Germany, Animated Storyboards produced a 360 Virtual Reality experience as a canvas for crafting a whimsical and joyful celebration of love, all in harmony with the Kinder brand ethos.

As a result, ASB brought to life a 360 VR digital experience, weaving together 3D characters, beautiful landscapes, and an abundance of playful elements. This immersive experience delighted the Kinder team and later served as an inspiration for a game within the Magic Kinder app, a kid-friendly educational platform.

ASB’s exceptional ensemble of designers, directors, and creatives is adept at breathing life into any narrative, giving room for brands to test imaginative concepts at a competitive cost. ASB’s collaboration with Kinder presented an exciting opportunity to explore new creative territory, and we are thrilled for many more experiments in the future.

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