Petits Filous “Trumpet” :35

3D Illustrated Cinematic
Petits Filous
Publicis, Poke
3D Hybrid Cinematic + Audio Design

This campaign was part of a £2.5M media investment which helped the brand reach more than four million of its target audience through a comprehensive marketing campaign that includes Petits Filous new TV advert called ‘Trumpet’.

The ad showcases two young siblings getting up to some healthy mischief at their grandfather’s house. With fluid animation and custom lighting techniques, our Cinematic approach is highly recommended for continuous story flow and mood setting. The new spots feature 30, 20 and 10-second TVCs on air in the UK this week and in France later in the year.

Lindsay Hill, Head of Marketing at Yoplait UK, said: “The hidden link between our brand name and the fun-filled translation ‘little rascals’ is the inspiration for our campaign. Studies show that children who are more mischievous when younger, are more likely to be successful when they are grown up. This 360-media approach will build awareness of the benefits of mischief and re-enforce Petits Filous as the go-to yoghurt for little rascals.”



Brought to life via an anthem that embodies the many stories that take place throughout the land, this integrated automotive campaign spotlights the all-new vehicle while celebrating the heritage of the LandCruiser in Australia.

TOYOTA "Brand" :90

Introducing Pringles new “Mind Popping” slogan, a move away from the well known “Once You Pop, You Can’t Stop” era, this campaign ran on TV, social media, online, radio, OOH and video on demand.

PRINGLES "Mind Popping" :30

2022 Flamin’ Hot Super Bowl LVI Ad, this Cinematic style features Realistic CG looking Backgrounds & Characters (with fur, feathers & scales), subtle facial animation, edited to the beat of a familiar tune.

FLAMIN' HOT "Push It" :60

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